Welcome to your IMPACT and Waccamaw VOAD website serving the families of Horry County, SC. It is our desire to build a facility here in Horry County where we can host the 1,000's of volunteers that come each year to help us rebuild in times of disaster.  We have experienced 4 hurricanes and flooding in the last 5 years alone. Our churches are exhausted of hosting the teams as it displaces their ongoing programs. The major concern is that most of our churches do not have fire sprinklers in the buildings and windows are often painted shut. We are only one disaster away from a fire or other tragedy and hurting our valuable volunteers.  We must take action now and get this facility built and be proactive before the next storm.  Will you help us by giving generously? We are asking area businesses to make a $5,000 donation. With just 67 businesses making a donation, we can reach our construction goal. Thank you for assisting the families of Horry County.

If you wish to make a  donation, click the donation button above or use the QR code to the left. Open your phone camera and focus it on  this image. It will take you to the PalPal website where you can make your donation. Every dollar donated will be used to build this facility. If you wish to mail a check, please make it out to:


 PO Box 8777

Myrtle Beach, SC 29578

Please  mark your check "Building" 


Vision Completed




December 31, 2020

October 15th, 2020

August 1, 2020

Vision Launch



We have 10 of the 67 Donations of $5,000 needed By Dec. 31, 2020

From Aug. 10 - October 16, we have 26 total donors giving:


Businesses who have donated

Donating Churches & Families

Diehl Family Charity Fund

Oceanview Baptist Church

Gary & Kat Adams

Brown & Brenda Bethune

Betsy Casadei

MacKay & Carrie Chewning

John & Sheron COpeland

Pam Elliott

Drew & Kim Heffner

Betty Ann Floyd

Robert & Lynne Gerisch

David & Cindy Gillreath

Daniel Keeton

Barry king

Brenda Ryan

Barbara Smith

Sara Steele

Kimberly Towery

Todd & Michelle Wood

Horry Electric

Local Nonprofit  Partners

The Waccamaw VOAD is here to help your family prepair for disasters and to get back on your feet after its impact. We are a coalition of area nonprofits assisting families together to restore their family, one home at a time. 

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